About Us

Founded in 2004, LeadPoint, Inc. revolutionized the multi-billion dollar online lead generation industry by providing the first online lead marketplace.  As the largest lead exchange, LeadPoint trades hundreds of thousands of voice and data leads monthly to over 2,000 customers across North America and Europe, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Leads are competitively priced based on criteria and bidding by members of the LeadPoint community. LeadPoint’s state-of-the-art platform allows buyers to filter leads to desired specifications and enables sellers to more efficiently sell leads and to enter multiple verticals. LeadPoint supports trades in numerous verticals, including consumer lending, consumer credit, education, and autos, and provides a single platform that allows thousands of buyers and sellers to simultaneously engage in trading leads.

The privately held company is based in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit LeadPoint at http://www.leadpoint.com and http://www.leadpoint.co.uk.